What is a subwoofer and where do I get one?

I want to get one for my partner for xmas as he has mentioned getting one several times but I have no idea what it is and where I can get it!


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Read this:

Can i run 4 5x7's and 1 8" woofer on a 4 channel amp?



Questions, sparky3489@yahoo.com

which is which? positive&negative on speakers that are not marked?

you can't get just a woofer you need a box for it wires for it and an amp for it and you would get them from a car audio store or bestbuy type place

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It's a very loud speaker for cars, or home use. Best Buy sells the best ones.

need some advice on cerwin vegas.?

a subwoofer is a heavy duty speaker that reproduces low frequency's, they need a enclosure (box) to do that properly and an external amplifier,

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with 2 850 watt rams subs Dual 1ohm each what size amp would i need?

A subwoofer is a speaker (usually considerably bigger than your standard speaker) that responds to the deepest bass rumbles in your music, and thus improves the fidelity of what you hear, even in some cases (particularly the better drum n bass tunes) it brings out bits you can't even hear through normal speakers.

how do i connect a power cap to an in car audio system?

You need an amplifier to power it, which receives the audio directly from your car (or home) stereo system, and then you can sit back and enjoy the thumping of some good bass.

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You should visit your local supplier of audio equipment to pick one up, but your best bet would be to find a friend, or a specialist shop who can give you some advice - you don't want the biggest baddest sub to go with any old standard stereo unit!

How do I know if a speaker is "blown"?


would an upgrade help...or be the same?

A sub woofer is a loud speaker that reproduces the low end
(bass) sounds. It usually covers a range from 20hz to 150hz.
As the guys mention above it needs an acoustic box which
depends on the size (diametre) of the sub woofer. The box will
isolate the front sound waves from the rear. Without the box
the woofer‘s diaphragm will go back and forth without producing
the desired deep notes. Once in the box, only the front diaphragm
will push air out and the rear movement, isolated from the front,
will not affect the and cancel out the front waves. The diametre
of the sub woofer can vary but usually is 12/16 inches for a large
system. The sound is produced by pre-amplifier which sends the
sound signals to an amplifier. A large woofer requires a powerful
amplifier, then to a crossover which divides the the sound waves
into three frequencies (or more) and sends the lower end to the
woofer, the mid range to a compatible speaker and the top end
goes to a tweeter (normally self isolating). A large woofer also
requires a large acoustical box and a large room.

What are the best speakers if i want to have bass in my car?? HELLLPPP?

So, you see that it is not that simple to only buy a woofer. This
is the old classical way of reproducing sound. There are other methods but more expensive. The woofer can be found in a good sound shop. I don‘t know where you are, so Google your area and you will find one. Be careful not to fall into a wise salesman‘s hands because he will try to sell you the most expensive and a good woofer can be quite

I'm a Car audio newbie. Can someone please give me detailed directions how to install a car amp and then subs?

I would advise you to check all of this out with a sound expert.
but first, go to your local journalist and buy a sound magazine.
There are quite a few so follow the journalist‘s advice. Read
carefully. You will also find stores that deal with sound systems
and there, you will find where you can get it.

i have a turbo and it says toyota but i don now wat toyota is from i want to sale or install in my car?

You will have noticed that I have not mentioned any brand names.
This has it‘s purpose, because you will not find the best in a small
village. Now, I wish you good luck and, if you follow the above
rules, you will get your value for money and the correct equipment.
Cheers, Iain

AMP/Subwoofer hookups?

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Whats the name of the software for costum speaker boxes?

Go to halfords. They do a pack that includes a subwoofer mounted in box and an amplifier. With a wiring kit this is everything your partner will need, although his car strereo will need to have a 'pre amp output' on it. If you make a note of the make and model number next time you are in his car the helpfull people in halfords will be able to tell you if it has the required pre amp out put. Alternatively you could contact any of the car audio companies that sell online and they will be able to tell you.

New Speakers Sound Crap!?

As you are not clued up on all things car audio don't try and choose something yourself. Go to somewhere that sells them and get advice. Also you could try asking one of your parters friends. They may be able to assist in exactly what he is after.

I recently purchased a 2002 grand am gt and I would like to put in a multiple cd changer. Any suggestions ?

A subwoofer is a speaker that produces low bass sounds. You will have heard cars with them fitted as they tend to make a lot of sound that is clearly audible from outside the car.

What is the size of speakers in the rear door of my 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 (old body style)?

Have a look on ebay under car audio. Dial in Sub woofer and see what comes up.

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a SW is a big fat bass speaker in a box. Its normally quite large. If you want to see them in the flesh then get yourself down to a car accessories/hifi shop

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It'll be a nice present but be warned, keep the reciept just in case he wants to change it because of technical reasons.

how to hook up extra amps on a stock Chevy 05 silverodeo?

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Best songs to bump to in your car.?

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1100 watt subs, 1200 watt amp, good or bad?

you can't get just a woofer you need a box for it wires for it and an amp for it and you would get them from a car audio store or bestbuy type place

MTX 5500 12" woofer. can i power it more than its rms.?

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