Best 6.5" Coaxial speakers you have ever heard.?

I have JL xr650-csi component woofer/tweeter. know there any woofers that are better sounding than these and are at a decent price? I'm looking for midbass heaven without a huge mounting depth or necessity for door deadening.


Sub blown or messed up?

then you need a pair of Boston Acoustics z6 speakers. i cant say enough about how good they sound. best speaker i have ever heard. better then Alpine, JL, MB Quart, Kenwood Excelon, Focal. there really really awesome. definatly something to check out if you can. also they have a new speaker coming you might want to wait for. heres a link to there website.

I got some rf rca cables for my subs and on the rca cables there is a wire in the middle whats it for?

Will the Pioneer AVIC-Z1 fit into a 2003 F350?

good luck

What is the bigest rim size you can put on a 1997 ford expedeition?

Try the range of "Polk MOMO" they are nice!

Where can I find instructions on getting a radio in a 1998 Audi A4 out of "safe" mode?

How would i wire this amp to subs?

well alpine makes a 6.5" x type 600w comp speaker that sound pretty crazy loud u can get some nice bass from it but its a little costly but they also make a r type thats 300w not as loud but still decent bass and their at a more decent price

Kicker cvr question?

try MB quart ,focal , beyma,or crystal mobile sound
(best for me is from digital designs try
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