What is the best sound system and were can you get it?


What would be the best way to install subs in the bed of my truck.?

I've posted this before, but it should provide you with a some help.

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The components of a "banging" car sound system would be as follows: The source (cd player, in-dash dvd/nav system, radio, tape player, etc.), the speakers, the subs, the amps, the parts/wiring. Also, depending on how big of a system, possibly a new battery or two and an alternator. Here are some of my recommendations as far as good brands.

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Deck: Eclipse, Pioneer (regular or premier), Alpine, Kenwood Excelon, Nakamichi (not the greatest looking, but great sound).

waterproff subs?

Speakers: Polk Audio, Infinity, Eclipse, Pioneer Rev High end: Focal, Boston, MB Quart, Nakamichi

how to unloked honda cd player?

Subs: JL Audio, MTX, Kicker, Eclipse, Audiobahn, Memphis, Hifonics, Diamond Audio, Fosgate (p3 and higher)

how to install a cd player in 93 ford taurus?

Amps: all the sub companies, plus, Precision Power, Crossfire, Cadence, Soundstream

are blaupunkt speakers good speakers or do they suck?

Parts/Wiring: Monster, Tsunami, Streetwires, even Kicker and Fosgate make decent parts/wiring.

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Now if I had to choose, here would be my choices:
Deck: Eclipse or Pioneer
Speakers: Polk Audio, Infinity, or Eclipse
Amps/Subs: JL Audio or MTX
Wiring: Tsunami or Monster.

Which Subs will sound best with a rockford fosgate P10002?

Now as far as where to get them, most of these companies will be available at Circuit City, BestBuy, Cardomain.com, Cruthfield.com. Others are only sold at authorized dealers (usually a local audio company), but you'll have to check out their websites in order to find the ones nearest you.

Car stereo system, any advice please?

But in the end these are just my recommendations (based on quality and sound), like Sparky said only you can judge what you like. Everyone's ears are a little different so what sounds good to me may not sound good to you. Shop around at all the car audio dealers and take a listen, but make sure you take one of your cds with you so you can judge all of them with the same song (one that you are familiar with).

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There is no "best", only preference. Go to your local pro audio shop and grab a listen. Nobody can tell you what you like, only your ears can.

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Dude, you're asking a very diverse question. Will it be used for SPL, SQ or SQ/SPL? What is your budget like?

Anyone know of any online places where...?

the best speakers are by aftermarket companies. you pretty much have to pay someone to set it up for you or learn about it. cardomain.com is a great place because they have a store, support, a community, etc.

stereo system problem please help!?

Everyones opinion of "best" sound system is different. In my opinion you should start by upgrading your head unit (Cd player). Then in my opinion I would install a 4 channel amp with new components (mid range and tweeters {speakers}). Maybe even an equalizer to help you fine tune the sound coming from your components. Then after that I would wire in an amplifier and subwoofer for some bass.
Plus you have all sorts of other accessories that you can add. Such as capacitors, Cd changers, satillite radio, upgrade your charging system and lots more.
Just remember you get what you pay for. If you go to Wal-mart and buy a VR3 amp, there is no way you can expect the quality or to out preform a higher brand amp such as RockfordFosgate or Alpine. The same goes for head units, components, subs, etc.......
Another thing to consider is all the little things that can effect it like wire size. For instace from my battery I run a 0 guage wire so that I get sufficiant power to my amplifiers. from my amp to my sub box I run an 8 guage wire, and then from the inside of my box to my sub I run 8 guage. But other systems may not need that much. For instance if you are just running one Lightning Audio 10'' 300 watt max woofer from Wal-mart it probably isn't going to need the wire that my Alpine 12'' 3000 watt max Type X is. Also make sure your charging system can handle on what you plan to do. I run two amplifiers with a combined total 2900 watts Rms. So if we use the power law of Watts=Amps x Volts we can assume that my amplifiers alone pull 241 amps just running normal, thats not peak power. Plus the power the car uses. So I had to upgrade my battery, my alternator, and my cables to make sure it could handle it. I also run capacitors to help the system.
Good luck I hope you get a good system in your ride.
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