A Speaker under the bonnet of a car - how?

I want to set up a speaker under the bonnet of my car. I have no electrical experience but i want to have a go anyway. Has anybody got any ideas how I can set something like this up. I want the speaker to have a lot of power and be able to play mp3s. I thought I could use a standard car amp but my speaker currently has loose ends


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Without getting into the merits of your idea, I would point out that the engine compartment of a car is subject to heat and moisture conditions that will quickly destroy most speakers.

Will this amp work if i am only going to play it at 100 watts rms x4 channels?

And what in the world are you trying to accomplish with this?

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Anyway, if you're set on it, mount your amplifier inside the passenger compartment and just run a speaker cable through a grommet or bushing in the firewall, and into the engine compartment. Make sure the wire and speaker are placed to be clear of any moving parts or extra-hot areas; there are plenty of both underneath the bonnet.
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