Can you fix a 1993 Honda civic radio memory?

OK i installed a car radio on my friends 1993 Honda civic but accidentally blew the memory wire is there any way to restore it or fix it?


Is this good for a car system?

Check the fuses in the car and under the hood. On the Civics I believe the radio memory fuse is under the hood in the fusebox located behind the battery on the passenger side.

Speaker question?

i dont think you can fix that.. I have had that happen a few time when i was installling stuff were i work. So i would say look if it is under warranty. lol prob will have to get a new one.

Would a sound system be good in a honda crx 2 door..?

yes you can it is only a trace that goes bad you have to open the radio remove the face, remove the tape player, and remove the main board turn the board in the back next to the plug there is a little metal trace that goes to the right side is black and open it is better not to fix it there because it can touch the ground wire next to it

How do I enable bluetooth on my ford 6000 cd radio?

just solder a little wire from the back of the plug and the other end to the back of the capacitor in the same trace
good luck and be very carefull
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