1996 Ford Explorer changing factory radio...HELP?

We have a 96 Ford Explorer Limited. We are changing the radio to a Pioneer DEH-P6770. We have the factory radio out. And have a harness that will fit the radio. But the plug that is in the dash wont fit the radio, do we need to cut the one from the factory and wire it to the one we bought or do we buy one for the Pioneer to fit the existing harness?


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you didn't remove the radio, you don't have the factory radio out
the only thing you remove was a remote control that is the reason why the harnees don't plug in, and also the reason
WHY there is no ANTENNA PLUG in the dash

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no you need to know where the radio is ?

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the ford factory radio is in the back right rear you need to remove the plastic pannel the radio is next to the factory subwoofer and the amplifier the 6 disc cd changer in your center console is plug in to the radio that is in the back
once you remove everything all your powers and speakers wires are there you need to extend the wires and rund them to then front , you also need the antenna extension
to remove the plastic side is better to fold down the rear seat or get them out of the vehicle
good luck
ill give you $50.00 for all the part you are removing

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no go to autozone and ask for a wire harness kit for your 1996 ford explore then just plug to the wire harness coming out the truck then just match the wires from the radio to the harness

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to make your radio work the right way you need the following.

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dash kit ===99-5802
wiring kit to car===70-5600

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know if you would like to save some money I can get these for a lot less then other car audio places

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if you have any questions you call IM me any time.

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first off u need to find out if the explorer has the premium sound package if it does which it probably does it requires a different wiring harness or plug then if u get the right plug or harness b sure 2 connect the remote turn on or remote antenna 2 the blue wire on the correct harness, good luck!!
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