Boss car speakers quality?

I'm looking to upgrade the 6x9's in my 2001 Hyundai Tiburon and was wondering if Boss BL6950 are worth getting? The RMS seems really high and they look cheap. I'm a little worried since I never heard much about the brand. Also, if i do get these speakers will i need an amp to power them, which one would you recommend if so.


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you get what you pay for. boss is one of the lower quality car audio manufacturers. they are not very good. they claim a power handling range that is alot higher than they can really handle. a great pair of 6x9's are made by focal. you can go to and look them up. that site has the best prices and i have done alot of shopping there. also the answer above me is WRONG! sensetivity you want to be a lower number. they take more power to drive but are sooo much cleaner sounding. look into it and you will see i'm right.

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Get Bose, theyre pretty much amazing in a car, my mother has them, there the sh*t.

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Junk! RMS is high because they lie and want you to think it is a good deal. They are not. You could power them with a headphone output from your phone. Pay they extra 30% and get a good brand name's budget line.

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they are just ok,go to they have several brands and models and they have reviews too.look for speakers with a high sensitivity (above 90 db) and the largest frequency range like (30hz-30000hz)

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looking cheap does not say how they sound, and yes i recommend an amplifier w/ a preamp on high wattage components. good luck!!
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