Does anyone know how to install an aftermarket cd deck in a 1992 GMC Suburban?


i am getting a chrysler k car what kind of sounbd system can i put in it?

that could be a fun one. Depending on what the stereo is in it now. If it has the knobs then you're going to have to take the dash out which will either have screws or should just pop off. You'll have to cut out the area where the knobs fit into to make it one big opening. Then you should be able to get adapter from your car stereo store that will have all the wires that you can splice into your new stereo and then just plug into the factory plug to go to the speakers and provide power to the unit. The store should also be able to tell you if you need an adapter to make it fit in the space. I had a 97 monte carlo and the new deck was smaller than factory and i had to put an adapter in. That should pretty much be it. If it has the kinda wrap around dash from the 80's models then it's not going to be the easiest getting cd's in and out of the unit. You might think about mounting it under the dash or in another location. I had an 82 GMC with the little wrap around dash thing and I mounted my CD plater unter the dash in the middle.

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