Amp for subs help!?

I have to Audiobahn AW1200V subs I need to know what the best Audiobahn amp to get for these 2 subs? i dont know much about Ohms and Channels so thats why i had questions. Price isnt an object. and i know i should have got something else but the subs were given to me as a gift so i need to use them just dont know what type of audiobahn amp to get and i only want audiobahn though! thanks for the help! im looking to get something that will make them bang but not blow them


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If you're set on Audiobahn, I'd suggest the A12001DT. It can be wired for a 1 ohm mono load, which would match your subwoofers, and would provide each sub with 600 watts RMS. The Class D design would reduce the strain on your alternator a bit.

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Another option would be two of the A8002V amp; they're rated for 800 watts RMS to 2 ohms, so you could put one on each sub. That's more than the subwoofers are rated for, so you'd have to use caution with that setup (ie, don't let your buddies play with the gains).

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You will need a mono 1400 watt RMS @ 4 ohm amp with the subs wired like so

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Two mono channel 700 watt RMS @ 2 ohm amps with each sub wired to each amp like so

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I know a bit about pro audio, but not much about car audio. Make sure you get a large enough amp to power these. You are more likely to blow them if you get an amp that is too small. My guess is that you will run each speaker at 8 ohms, so if you put them on the same amp, it will be a 4 ohm load. They appear to be rated at 700w each so that's 1400w of speaker. I recommend an amp that can do at least 2800w at 4ohms, but don't take my word for it. Ask Audiobahn.

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A lot of people go wrong when buying subs and amps they just go for the biggest max power out there..which really does nothing what you want to pay attention to is RMS power.RMS is the amount of continuos power your subs can handle and your amp can put out. Find out the RMS of your subs and buy an amp that has close to the same number RMS a little more or a little less wont hurt just don't get too far away
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