Amplifier remote turn on question?

So, I know the amplifier remote turn on wire in the head unit is blue, i've even found it (the manufacturer tried to trick me by writing powered antenna on it). What my problem is, is that this wire is part of the harness and goes into the harness and out to the speakers and such. Do I cut the wire and join it to another wire going to the amp? What should I do, I feel so dumb asking this question but I don't feel like screwing this up. Peace.


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yes cut the wire and connect it to the wire run through your car that your using as the remote,make sure you have a small tube like fuse(picked up from any auto parts store) on that remote wire as close to the stereo unit as possible

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-car stereo enthusiest

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okay, so your trying to add an amplifier to your car with a stock head unit. the reason why people usually just buy new aftermarket head units when they use aftermarket subs and amps is because your stock head unit isnt going to have any RCA outputs to connect to your amplifier... without these your amp is useless because it has no way to tell how/when to play music.

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the manufacturer was not trying to "trick" you when they put "power antenna" on the blue wire, that wire actually does go to the power antenna... but the good news is, you can splice into that wire with a new wire and run it back to the amp's remote power. Dont cut the actual wire, just cut the coating around it and connect the new wire to that, and use electrical tape to cover it or be smart and use a wire connector.. But doing that will only power on your amp, it will not let it know when to send notes to your speakers. thats what RCA's are for

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yes cut the wire from the radio and join it a lot companies use this setup and a fuse keeps your amps safe when it either detects a power overload or unsafe condition it shut the power off to keep from damaging other componets .

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yes maybe you can cut the wire but if that wire is powering the electric andtenna or a factry amplifer is not a good idea to cut it

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just tap in to that wire and use black tape
good luck with the installation
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