Can a card cd player get fried if you hook up the on off wire to the back of the cd player but not to an amp?

i hooked up my wired to put a system in my car and hooked up the rca cables to the back of the deck along with the blue antenna on off wire and ran them to my cd player actually made funny noices and paused then came back on and then stopped again and now is not working...along with this my keyless entry stopped working so i replaced the fuse and the cd player still is not working however the fuse in the cd player was blown and have not rreplaced it yet...also the keyless entry is now working but not the cd player and when the cd player went out the speakers crackled


What is all this about 8ohm 6ohm 4ohm 2ohm and why are the car wires wired from + - - + - why?

You mean you powered a CDplayer from the remote turn on of another?

How do I get my mp3 player to play through my car speakers? '07 Eclipse?

If this is the case, you smoked it. Those remote turn ons can only handle 200mA of current (0.2 amp).

Need a good amp to match two Type Rs?

If you want to do this, use a relay.

What kind of amp do i need for these subs?

i dunno maybe
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