1991 Mustang Audio Wire Color Chart?

Help! I need to know the wire colors for my radio. It's a factory cassette player that i'm replacing because the old one was stolen and some of the wires were cut :(
Anyone know what color wires lead to what?


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Constant 12V+Green/Yellow
Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black
Ground Chassis
Illumination Blue/Red
Dimmer n/a
Antenna Trigger Orange/Blue
Antenna Right Front
Front Speakers 5 1/4" Doors
Left Front (+) Orange/Green
Left Front (-) Light Blue/White
Right Front (+) White/Green
Right Front (-) Green/Orange
Rear Speakers 5" x 7" Side Panels
Left Rear (+) Pink/Green
Left Rear (-) Pink/Blue
Right Rear (+) Pink/Blue
Right Rear (-) Green/Orange
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