What kind of enclosure should I get?

I just bought a 12" subwoofer for my Buick Roadmaster. I'd like to keep it in the trunk, but it's almost soundproof from the cab so I might put it in the backseat. It's 150 w RMS, 800 w Max. Should I get a sealed, ported, or bandpass enclosure. Tell me why and what the difference is. I'll mostly be playing hip-hop, and I want a good low sound.


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A band-pass is more or less a one-note box.

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A ported box will give you the best bass, but is very tricky to design correctly.

What are teh differnt types of sub boxes?

Check here for enclosure types (and other tips):

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bandpass would be a good way to go and tune it as low as the sub will handle some were around 30-32hrts is a place to start

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bandpass or sealed, depending on how strong of a bump you want from your subs... for a harder hit, sealed box.

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i would go for enclosed to me they sound louder
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