1994 Honda Accord cd player and disc changer?

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I just bought a 1994 Honda Accord EX sedan. It has a 6 cd disc changer in the trunk but only a radio and cassette in the car itself. Is there a way that I can add a cd player and still have the cd changer operable? There is a space below the radio in the car that I think a cd player could fit, look at the picture and let me know. Thanks a bunch!

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You cannot add a single CD player to the cassette player and keep the CD changer connected. Nor can you replace the cassette player with an after-market CD player and use the Honda CD changer with it. But you may be able to find a Honda single CD player that will work with your existing cassette unit, and would work INSTEAD OF the rear-mounted changer. Or, you can purchase an after-market radio/CD unit and an after-market CD changer to go with it.

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There are Honda radio/CD units equipped with a plug to control another component, but the ones that fit your car all are designed to control a separate cassette player, not CD changer. I doubt they're interchangeable.

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Yes you can but when you buy the cd player, you have to make sure that it will be compatible with a cd changer. Just ask someone who works there.
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