Amp for speakers?

Around what watt amp will I need for my 2 tens in my trunk? '05 Altima.


Tc 3000 12 inch subwoofer versus re xxx 10 inch subwoofer?

What are they rated for? Bandpass or freeair? Anywhere from 100 watts apiece to 1200 watts or so. Go with the biggest you can afford, you won't outgrow it, and you can turn the gain down, so you don't blow your speakers. I'd shoot for 800 watts or higher.

Is dis power acoustik amp good?

Depends on the speaker ratings. I would guess somewhere around 300 watt I would use a bazooka 500 watt mono channel amp. Around $150 I have one pushing 2 12's

I have a pair of Pioneer TS-G650M 3 way and Pioneer TS-G1641R 2 way. Where should i put the 3 ways?

If your subs are 4 ohm single coil each, then you need an amp that's 2-channel with the watts RMS of each channel to match the watts RMS of each sub @ 4ohms.

How do I wire my amp to run at 14.4v instead of 12.0v so I can get the max power out of it?

ex. if your subs are 200 watts RMS, then the amp needs to be 200 watts RMS X 2 @ 4 ohms.

Where Can i find a High Output alternator for my 1994 sentra??


2007 CR-V audio jack?

Add up the watts RMS of both subs and get a mono amp that pushes the total watts RMS of the subs @ 2 ohm with the subs wired like so

About how many decibels can a Kicker L7 15" push?

ex. a mono amp that's 400 watts RMS X 1 @ 2 ohm

XM and Sirius radio are trying to merge...?

If the subs are DVC (dual voice coil) and 4 ohm each coil then you'd get a mono amp that's the total watts RMS of both subs @ 4 ohms and wire the subs like so

Stereo system for a small car?

ex. a mono amp that's 400 watts RMS X 1 @ 4 ohm

Amp wiring kits?

Just be sure the amp you but is CEA-2006 compliant.

Help wire car stero into dash?

See my site for more info
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