Bazooka tubes?

how do bazooka tubes sound in a truck??


Hello! I am going to hotwire my Lincoln cont 1970 car.Battrey to coil.?

like the others before me said, they suck. its true, you cant expect all that much from a crappy 8" woofer.

Burnt CDs wont play in my car stereo?

thankfully Pioneer Premier has stepped up to bring us a 8", 10" and 12" shallow mount sub. its 4" deep, and sounds just as good as any woofer you can buy at best buy or circut city. i highly, highly recomend looking at one before you buy anything. you have to see these to believe that one can make that much bass.

Capcitor burned out my Sub?

good luck

Whats best to push two 10inch Quantum Audio subs. Is Quantum Audio any good. I never heard of them.?

weak!!!!! dont get them get some tens

Lookinng to find out which 6.5" speakers are best out these 4 brands...?

bass tubes in general suck.they make sub boxes that fit behind the seat and you can fit 2 12's that would produce some serious bass in a truck.

Installin ne cd player to a avlanche2007?

if money is an issue then go with the tubes. you are obviously not trying to get a competition set up so they are worth the money for that extra kick in bass.
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