6x9 enclosure?

I am about to start the project of fiberglassing my trunk lid.;.. I am putting a mirror in the middle and going to add 6x9's on the sides. For 6x9's are you supposed to have an actual enclosure size or does it matter? I plan on just throwin them in there.. Im not going for superior sound quality, they are mainly there for looks and a little something with the subs i have. So will this work, or will i need an enclosure to really get it to work.


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The enclosure size on any speakers doesn't matter. It only matters with Subs.

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as long as looks are the main idea then it will be ok but you wont be able to hear them over the sub through the trunk and seat.they will need to be facing in the cabin of the car.adding the enclosure all that does it increase the bass performance of a 6x9.
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