1996 Mitsu eclipse/spyder - if replacing front dash speakers within stock apertures - suggestions re: brands?

Most suggestions by circuit city/ best buy, etc. are component set-ups or stand-alone tweeters, but I am sure the OEM speakers are at least coaxials - also I have already replaced door speakers and rear speakers, so the component set-up is half-wasted, IMHO...


How good is Soundstream nowadays?

the component set is th best way to go,you get the best sound and the speakers are in the correct locations for sound imaging. 1 reason for the component set is they come with a crossover network so the radio sees a 4 ohm load for both speakers and the highs dont get any bass in them.if you decide to get just the stand alone tweeters make sure you get some bass blockers for them or wire a capacitor inline.go to onlinecarstereo.com the soundstream or soundstorms come with the inline crossover and the frequency is above 20000hz.i like my tweeters to be in the 22000hz-30000hz range.
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