How can you get a tv picture on the jensen VM9511TS ?

I put the Jensen VM9511TS car radio in my truck and everything is working correctly. The only problem is there is no picture when I try to watch tv on it, but I can hear it fine. I found a code to play a dvd without the parking break wire and its working fine (picture and sound), but not while its on tv, just sound. Is there another code for that or is there something not working right with the radio. How can I fix this, or can I fix it?


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There is no code for the Jensen. In order to watch TV you must install a switch in line of the parking brake wire and the ground. If you read the manual theres a sequence.

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I think you have to show ground, take it off for 3-5 seconds and then show ground constantly. The video will then play. You must do this sequence each time so its impossible to just have it grounded.

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Go to Radioshack and pick up a push button with normally closed connects (N.C.) and connect one side to ground and the other side to the pink parking brake wire. Hope this helps.
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