Best way to wire up car stereo speakers?

I am interested in buying some new 6X9's for the back of my car and some new 6's for the doors, and maybe one sub. I don't want a big bangin system, just something with a little more power and sounds good. Any ideas on what type of amp (2 channel, 4 channel), do I need a crossover, that kinda thing. Any suggestions??


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A nice way to start that's easy on the budget but allows future expansion would be this:

F150 head unit?

Purchase a 4-channel amplifier, decent door speakers, and a single 4-ohm subwoofer and box.

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Wire the amplifier so that two channels are used to run the new front speakers, and the rear channels are bridged to run the subwoofer.

I need suggestions for the following:?

Leave the rear speakers stock, and leave them hooked up to the head unit's rear speaker outputs.

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Almost all 4-channel amps include built-in crossovers these days, so no separate crossover network is required. Pick an amp that gives you an option of high-pass or low-pass filtering.

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I know it's natural to think of new 6x9's first, but they're by far the least important component. Most of your sound field will be created by the front speakers, whatever you do. The function of the rear speakers is to provide a "fill" effect (which stock speakers can do as well as after-market) and to provide bass (which will now be done by the subwoofer). In other words, you won't get much return on your investment if you replace them, and the money saved can be applied to better front speakers.
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