Any idea whats wrong with the CD played in my Oldsmobile Intrigue?

I already looked in the manual, it doesn't say anything usefull. The 6 disc CD player in my car is located in the trunk. I have never had problems with it before, but today I had my friend change a cd and then E33 appeared on my control board so I went to take the CD out but the magazine won't even eject. Any idea of what could be wrong?


I have a 94 toyota camry. im putting a new stereo in it but i dont know what the different colors mean?

The loading mechanism is jammed. You're going to need to have it serviced or replaced. I would recommend a new in-dash unit with MP3 capability. Then you won't need a changer.

Car cd player still skippin?

Jammed - stop by circuit city or a local stereo shop and have them reset it for you. If it happens again, then you will have to have a repair or go with the first answer and upgrade.
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