10" sub question, sealed ported?


I want to install 17" monitor screen , a DVD player and PS2 on my truck . but I dint have an idea how to start

Should I seal this or port it? Is a 10 more accurate than a 12 enough to port it and it will still sound tight and accurate? Or am I still better off going sealed. I get turned off by the sloppy and unnecessary low notes that block out the sound of my mids.

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Link to the owners manual.

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I'm going to be getting a p10002 RF amp.

Wcich types of speakers give good sound, that i wanted to fix in my omini, the speakers having woofer?



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Bandpass and ported will never sound as tight and accurate as sealed. But remember you need to do a good job of sealing that box. Buy some silicone caulk and run a bead over all of the joints on the inside. Then use a foam gasket to seal the seam between the speaker frame and the box opening. Once you've mounted everything you should be able to push the cone in with your hands (gently) and you'll see the cone slowly come back up. This will give you optimal accuracy and performance. Like the previous poster mentioned... use polyfill and trick the sub into thinking its in a bigger box.

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A ported box will always give you loose bass. It will always require a bigger box and will take up more space in your trunk or wherever. It will give you some solid lows but like you said, the sub is supposed to mesh with the rest of the frequencies not drown out the mids.

What kind of speakers go in the rear of the car? what about 4 way speakers like the common Xplod brand?

Good luck!

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i've got 2 g512's in a sealed box they sound awesome. heres a tip if you do get a sealed box throw in some pollyfill. the box size they recomend is 0.5 cubes. so put in 1/2 a pound of pollyfill, and it will hit even tighter bass.

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i'd go with this Pioneer Premier amp for 2 reasons. first is the ICE technology it uses. and second is price.

How do i set the clock on a pioneer DEH 1500?! i got it with my car & have had 5 ppl try to set it! thankss :]

you bought a hell of a sub, and i hope you like yours as much as i like mine. good luck

Should i go for the upgrade or am i good?

definetely go sealed a 10" woofer wont push enough air in a ported box for it to sound good
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