Is it bad to screw the amp to your speaker box? why/Why not?

if is bad why is it bad? if it dont matter do I need small screws or long ones? does it make your sound different?


i'm looking for a PA system for my car, do i go with the CB radio or police sanner with speaker or other?

try to mount the amp on the back of the seat. if you mount it on the box, you can mess up the amp by vibrations from the sub. Also the screws for the amp mount, could mess with the magnet on the sub.

what kind of amp do i need??

It would hurt, but if you dont have any fold down chairs in your vehicle then that would be the best place to put it, but if you do have fold down seats, screw it on there

What could be causing my radio and the gauges not to work?

It is not good on the amplifier to mount it to the enclosure, due to the flexing and excessive vibrations. Mount it somewhere else, NEVER upside down, because the heat will not escape the amp, and will cause overheating. I mount on the back of seats or under seats, make sure you have proper ventalation, if not use a small computer type 12 v fan.

can an older aftermarket small 40 watt amp cause enough electrical interference to screw up shifting and fuel?


How do you remove a capacitor?

It's VERY bad. Otherwise, it may end up not working!

do you have xm in your vehicle?

It looks nice, but remember is some trys to steal your stuff, it makes an easy package to steal.

I have a 2000 Mistibushi Mirage with a factory installed CD player/streo system...?

No it won't hurt. However, the material the box is made from must be able to withstand the weight and be well constructed or over time it can "bow" the box.

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Use heavy wood screws. No, it won't change the sound.

how IN DETAIL do I wire my 2 subs in paralel?

If heat is a concern, one or two simple 12v computer fans (3" or 4") pointed at the heat-sink of the amp will do the trick as well as mounting the amp raised off of the box a little for better air circulation. You can use "rubber feet" found at most electronics stores or here

Can anyone help me with my amp or sub problem?

Wire the remote wire to one side of a relay coil and ground the other. Take a small (14 Ga.) wire from the (+) of the amp to one side of the N.O. contact of the relay. Connect the "common" of the relay to the (+) of the fan(s), then ground the (-) of the fans (or run it the (-) of the amp). Wire another wire from the "common" of the relay to the remote wire connection on the amp.

What do I need in order to make my car stereo bump? I mean REALLY loud so that it rumbles the whole car?!?

This way the fans are on when the amp is on.

Why did my tape deck stop working?

You could also just install a switch to power both the remote turn-on and the fans. This is the more simple method.

what is a RDS Radio?

You'll have to be a bit creative to mount the fans. Angle iron or an "L" bracket can aid in this.

AMP Not Working?

If your electronically savvy, I have a schematic for an automatic thermally controlled fan.

2005 Kia Sorento Wire Diagram?

Here's the switch method:

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How do I install a FM direct cable for sirius radio directly to the fm radio for a 1999 ford F150 with a stock

Here is info on enclosures (and other tips):

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i dont see how it could be bad, in any way. that is, so long as the box is well built. meaning the walls of the box are strong enough so that when the amp is screwed on it won't come off in any way. if the box is well built, there is no reason for vibrations of *any* kind to affect the amplifier. your speaker box should not vibrate. in fact, making an amp rack or mountin it under your seat or something would expose it to more vibrations. plus, if you have an amp of respectable quality, typical vibrations should have virtually no effect on it whatsoever, and it should be pretty decent when it comes to heat dissipation

What are some reasons for why my car subs sounds progressively worse every time I install them?

yes it is bad, the vibratrions can damage the ampifyer. I have learned this the hard way, learn from my mistakes. The box vibrates and that will be sent through your amp as well. Easily causing damage to the sensitve electronics inside.
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