Will this all work.. Sub,amp, deck?

I am thinking of buying these: Kenwood 50W x 4 CD Deck with front aux input ( I want input to conect my Sirius Stiletto 10) With Sub output

Why is it that my CD player sound is not amplified?

Also the sub: Alpine 10" Single-Voice-Coil 4-Ohm Subwoofer
with Continuous Power Handling 200W
Peak Power Handling 600W

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And a AMP: Rockford Punch 300W Class AB Bridgeable 2-Channel Amplifier with Variable Crossovers
Peak of 600W @ 4 ohms
Cont of 200w @ 4 ohms

All I would do is put in deck, and plug in a wire in the sub out plug, and on that wire first would go the amp (under my seat) then right from amp, to the Sub? Am I correct? Will it work?


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Hmm. You had me up until the "All I would do" part.

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The amplifier will need to be hooked up for power. For that you'll need power and ground wiring, including a fuse and fuse holder. The power wire connects to your vehicle's battery terminal. You'll need a stereo RCA cable to run from the sub output on the deck to the amplifier; it carries the signal. You'll also need a wire from the deck's "remote" output to the amp's remote input. That tells the amp to turn on or off. All this wiring can be found bundled together in an amp wiring kit; an 8-gauge kit will work fine (that refers to the thickness of the main power wire).

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You'll also need an enclosure (box) for the subwoofer; you can buy one or build one. If you buy one you need to make sure it will fit in the truck where you want to put it; if you build one you can size it to fit. Make sure you follow the Alpine subwoofer's reccomendations on box size. A sealed box would take up the least space and should work fine for your application.
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