Bazooka tubes vs standard sub boxes. Opinions?


If i have an amp and box for two speakers hooked up but there is only one speeker......?

This is fact, not an opinion.

Ok how to wire 4 subwoofers ?

Tubes are ok for tight spaces or lack of funds.

Memphis Car Audio Amplifier 16-ST1000D mono?

Pre-fab boxes are just there (in most cases) to impress you in the stores and most ported boxes are basically tuned to somewhere around 60Hz to cover most subs specifications.

Enclosure type and dimensions for ALPINE SWX1242D?

Well planned and designed enclosures cannot be beat when designed to the specifcations of the manufacturer of the sub(s).

What is a website that I can go to for accessories for my car?

See my site for more info

Where can i find a wiring diagram for my car?

bazooka tubes pre amp the best there is out there

Best Eualizer Settings For Car Audio?

box are not that good i found

Why won't my pioneer radio work?

Because you didnt go into specifics, I would recommend a sealed box for most newbies. Its a lot harder and more expensive to build the right ported box for a given sub. Sealed to match the manufacturers specs is what you want and it is OK to buy a pre made box just make sure its made of MDF, sealed well and has the right internal volume for the given sub.

What car audio products are made in the USA or assembled?

Paying $300+ for less than $20 worth of material for a box made by an car audio store is laughable.
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