2004 pontiac grand am se1 w/ monsoon. what adapter do i need to keep door chimes?

i just got my pioneer installed and i needed to keep my door chimes for safety reasons that the factory installed system gave. circuit city is a joke with installing any audio having been there twice for one problem. anyway. they gave me the wrong adapter a gmos-01 which is for the grand am without the factory monsoon system and actually calls for gmos-04. does it make a difference or should i get the specific type adapter even though the one gmos-01 works but sounds like crap?


Search for electronics diagrams?

if it makes a real differnce to you, get the right adapter, and get the job done right. also, see if CC will pay for there error, as they should.

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Circuit city probably screwed up your system, they really are a real joke, most of their installers are not certified and do not have much previous experience, go to a car audio specialty shop and have it re-installed.

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go back to the teenagers of cc and tell them you are having to many problems,

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ask for your vehicle to be put back to factory get the original radio back in there and go somewhere else
a car audio specialist
you when to the big chain store and look what happen to your vehicle and yes you need to get the correct interface

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good luck
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