A couple of questions about my audio system.?

I have 1 12" Alpine Type-R Subwoofer, 6x9'' Type-R rear speakers, and 6" Type-R front speakers. Sub is powered by a Kenwood amp pushing about 500RMS while bridged. I am running the speakers off of the amp that is in my deck. I recently bought Kenwood MP-732 headunit, and I want to get my system sounding great.

How do i hook two 12" 2 ohm speakers to a 4 ohm 2 channel amp?

I have the front and rear LPF set at about 60Hz and the SW LPF set at 80hz. It sounds good but I have no clue what either of those do. Can some one give me some idea on what they do and if my settings are alright.

How do i get power back up in my 2002pointac bonivelle factory radio that went out?

When I bought the Kenwood headunit, it said it was Sirius satelite radio ready, yet I cannot find a place to plug the antenna into the rear of the headunit. I know I need the antenna, is there any other hardware that I will need to make Sirius work with my deck?

My alpine v-12 amp blows the fuse when i try to hook it up?

Also is there a way I can secure my sub box without using the jack and wedging the box down with that and the rear deck where my speakers are? It rattles when I am sitting still but when I move it stops


Where can i buy the remote for my alpine cd changer?

The front and rear setting probably says HPF, not LPF; it's short for High-Pass Filter, and the number is the frequency where it will start to filter out the bass from the front and rear speakers and pass only higher frequencies. This prevents your interior speakers from getting more bass than they can easily handle. The LPF is the same thing, except it's Low-Pass Filter, and acts to send only bass frequencies to the subwoofer amp. If your front and rear speakers sound clean and undistorted at the highest volume level you like to play them, then you can leave these settings as they are.

Are audio pipe speakers any good?

"Satellite Radio Ready" means that the unit can control a separate Sirius tuner unit made specifically to use with Kenwood head units. You need to purchase the tuner separately; it will come with a magnetic mount antenna and a cable that connects to the back of the deck. The model number for yours is SIR-KEN1 and you can find it at Crutchfield or any Kenwood dealer.

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You can secure your sub box with L-brackets from a hardware store; just screw it to the trunk floor or bottom of the parcel shelf. If you mount it to the floor make sure you won't screw into a gas tank, brake line or anything else that's mounted underneath.

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All answers above are spot on. I would also add that you may be able to fabricate "L" type brackets to mount the box, but add a latching system. Use a trunk (like in an attic) or suitcase style latch in conjunction with the "L" brackets to make it removable.
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