What is better to run? Sub Question?

One 12" sub that is a pretty decent sub that is correctly powered or one 12" sub that is amazing but is only powered to half of what it should be?


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In any case, getting as close to the RMS watts of the sub is best.

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Underpowering a sub doesn't hurt it unless you try to adjust the gain to squeeze more out of the amp. This will cause clipping which can destroy a sub. The only down side is the sub isn't being used to it's fullest potential.

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As long as the gain is set corrrectly, it doesn't matter.

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I think you're asking is it better to have the sub and amp sized the same or a sub that is 200 watts to a 400 watt amp?

Best amp for these subs?

It matters, but not really. What really matters is that you don't over power the sub and let the smoke out of it so to speak.

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Would you rather have a compact car with the engine that makes it run best, or a sports car with a lawnmower engine? I know its a bit exaggerated, but I think you'd be better off matching the RMS of the sub with your amp.

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The only way I would personally go for the better sub would be if I knew I'd be making some other upgrades in the future. But if your system will stay how it is, I'd go for the correctly powered sub.

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your best bet is to go with decent sub with good power versus amzing sub with half the power. now days everything is based on rms( the continuous power a sub can handle)amzing subs need amzing power. u will more than likely burn up amp and sub trying to power it with a amp that doesn't have enough power. ther are so many subs that sound good now days. its all about the install and the set-up.
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