What kind of amp do i need for my 2 12" 1000 watt subs?



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go to eBay and buy 2 of the bazooka ELA500 i bet you it will sound good because i used to have 2 of those amps one for each subwoofer they are mono block and are 750 watt max

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if u just want to buy one amp Then you should go with one that can give you 2000 Watts RMS. thats if you want to get the most out of your subwoofers. with a 2000 Watt amp preferable a Class D mono amp for subwoofers you can wire your subs at 2 ohms and they will each get 1000 Watts a piece which is the maximum rating. if you want u can use 2 seperate smaller amplifiers to do the job, but I would imagine that two 1000 Watt amps would cost more than one 2000 Watt amp.

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if you dont want that much power then you should look at the specifications of your speakers to find the RMS rating. whatever the RMS rating is should be the lowest amount of power you want from your amp. for example if they your subwoofers are 500 Watts rms, then you shouldn't get an amp smaller than 1000 watts to power both of them, although it wouldnt hurt to do so, why buy 1000 watt subwoofers to underpower them?

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stick with MA Audio. On Ebay they have a MA Audio HK401SX 1 Channel Mono 1800 Watt Amplifier NIB starting at $214.00. It also depends on your budget. I like phoneix gold, Blue thunder mtx, memphis audio, & AVIONIXX. They all push true rated power.

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First, don't go by MAX, always use RMS when refering to watts.

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Add up the watts RMS of both subs and get an amp that's the same watts RMS and impedance you plan to wire the subs at.

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if you want to stick with MA audio the HK401SX,HK1398,AND HK2000D are go choices ,but if you buy them on e bay MA might not warranty them, stick with an authorized dealer.
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