CD stuck in car CD player?

CD is stuck in car CD player any idea how to get the damn thing out, I have tried needle nose pliers at the risk of losing the CD but it still won't come out. ANY IDEAS?


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If it's an after-market head unit, you can try resetting it to cycle the CD mechanism; often there's a recessed button on the front face or on the chassis under the removeable faceplate. If it's a factory radio, you may be able to do the same thing by disconnecting the battery for a minute, then reconnecting it (pulling the radio memory fuse would work as well, but that particular fuse isn't always labelled for the radio; the "radio" fuse is usually for the key-switched circuit).

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It might not work, but it's quick and easy, so it's worth a try.

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Take out the CD player and take it in the house and dis-assemble it or at least get a better angle or better grip. Do you have a pair of hemostats ? They would probally do the trick ! Good luck !

I'll just bring it to bestbuy. They will charge you the regular labor rates. I'll say $40 bucks max... If you don't want to then try removing the radio yourself and break it down from the top.
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