Audio Shop botched install?

I went to a local Audio shop with a good reputation to reinstall my deck after I had it repaired. I was going to do it myself but anyone with a Honda knows that getting the dash back in perfect is damn near impossible and these guys did it flawlessly. Well I've been having a number of problems ever since that I thought was the system just getting older and wires wearing out. Come to find out the idiots never reinstalled the ground cable on the deck and a whole batch of the wires had come out of the connectors. No wonder I've been having problems! Is there anything I can do to hold the shop responsible?


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Ask for them to redo it... if they don't & if it was recent, and pd via credit card, tell the card to put a stop payment on the charge to the installers.

How many dB?

If a while ago demand for cash or merchandice...

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If they don't, tell them that you will report the issue to the Better usiness bureau, and will go to the sites that rate shopping like yahoo shopping and post this story to these sites...

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That should scare them into giving you a few cables/ speakers or a discount on something in the store...

Dose any one have the hd radio and if so do u like it?

Please respond on how the outcome goes... these are my favorites...:)

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ask them to do the installation again or you will post the shop information on the internet
nobody wants bad publicity
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