98 honda accord alarm install question on parking light wire What wire do i tie into?


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I have a98 acord and am installing a autopage 750 alarm... I have it all installed, execpt for the white wire that goes from the out from the alarm that is to be connected to the parking lights.

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The alarm has an internal relay, so this wire can go to the parking lights directally. I know that autopage has a helpline, but they cannot give in specific "which wire to which info"

I need the code number for my GRUNDIG radio (GM0303R140030) thinks.?

My question is has anyone installed an alarm onto a honda, and if so, do you know what parking light wire you tied into... i.e. where was the wire,.if I tie into the wrong wire on the honda factory wiring, I may cause a failure in the factory switch or something else that is not good.

I'm thinking about putting a system in my car what kind should i get?

Thanks in advance dave


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The positive (+) parking light wire is red/black at the fuse box on the driver's side. Test it with a multimeter; it should read 12 volts with the parking lights on, 0v with the lights off.

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1998 Honda Accord Security Information
Constant 12V+ White Passenger's Side Fuse Panel or Ignition Harness
Starter Black/White Near Heater/AC Fan Motor
Ignition Black/Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition 2 White/Black Ignition Switch Harness (ABS Light)
Accessory Yellow Ignition Switch Harness
Tach Blue Distributor
Brake Switch Green/White Brake Switch
Trunk Release White/Red (+) Driver's Side Grey Molex
Trunk Pin Orange (-) Driver's Kick GREY Molex Connector
Parking Lights Red/Black Fuse Panel
Head Lamp Blue Left of Column Blue Connector
Hood Pin Yellow (-) Passenger's Side Green Connector
Factory Disarm Blue Driver's Door
Door Trigger Black/White (-) Passenger's Side Fuse Panel
Door Lock Black/Blue or Black/Red Panel Passenger's Side near Door
Door Unlock Orange (-)
Horn Wire Light Green/Blue Passenger's Side Fuse Panel
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