What kind of amp kit do i need if i have one 2 ohm amp and one 1 ohm amp.?


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4G should be a safe bet unless you are dealing with over 2000watts or so, but it wouldn't hurt to consider 0g even though it's a little tougher to hide in your car.

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Current flows like water through a pipe, the bigger the pipe, the smoother the current will flow.

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I hope you're including a capacitor in there. At least 1farad per 1000 watts.

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Good Luck!

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The ohm rating doesn't matter when you're deciding on amp kits. You need to pay attention to the wattage rating of each amp.
Add up the total wattage rating for both amps

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If the total is below 500 watts, then you'd be ok with an 8 GA kit
If the total is between 500 and 1500, then I'd suggest going with 4 GA
If the total is above 1500, then I'd suggest going with 0/1 GA
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