What id the best position for subwoofer box?

in my trunk. i want to know what will give the loudest bass.

Problem hooking up subwoofer?

a sub box with two 10'' kickers powered by a 600w bridged sony xplod amp.

Best BUY ....?

forward - towards engine
bacward - towards brake lights (i have itlike this now)
straight up


Cotton on the outside of a speakerbox?

Because to produce good bass, the air waves need to build up. That's why ported enclosures sound louder than sealed..if they use the same sub, and wattage. U need more buildup of air. Face it towards the rear (backwards) and push it against the backseats..so u got room in front of the subwoofers. What happens is it reflects off the trunk and comes back hard and face the other way (towards the front) and it hits hard. U should also try putting the rear seats down, u get loud *** bass

I want to play the sound from a portable sat nav unit through my car audio system?

I have been a freak about the best arrangement of auto sound systems since i was a young punk.the best way ive found to set your subs is first a custom box made to fit in the very most back of the trunk with out compacting subs to the point of suffocation,there has to be free air movement(you already know this)with the sub box pushed towards the back othe seat with the woofers facing the back end of the car with the actual subs sitting at aroud 60 degree area a little over 45 degrees. with the most empty air space between the sub box face the very end of the trunk compartment trunk must be air tight with no vibrating car partsat all especially the trunk lid.thats where i fould it best

Can a person put any kind of stereo system in a 1984 corvette?

put it under the floor board faceing foward with 12'wooffers with 1 1200wat amp per speaker and let her rip

What does it technically mean when your car speakers are "blown"?

Put your subwoofer in the trunk, roll down the windows and crank it up. The whole world will need to hear it soon.
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