Anyone know how to get a ford standard radio out it's jammed?

its the one with 4 little holes in it is thee anything else i could use without damaging it?


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I'm assuming that you've already tried the radio removal tools with no luck?

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Unfortunately, it's possible that the brackets have been bent so far out of shape that the removal tools will no longer engage. I've run into that problem several times with Ford radios, and at that point the radio usually has to become expendable. One thing you can try is use a drill to slightly widen the key-holes (in the front plastic face only) so that you can insert the tools at a different angle. You may also be able to reach around the rear of the dash and press on the brackets from behind, but there's plenty of sharp metal back there that can cut your hands. I've had limited success with both these methods.

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you could try unscrewing the part of dash its in then your be able to push it out easier

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Might have the factory anti-theft screws. There is a long pin tool you need to get a auto-parts store.

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There should be two little holes on either side of the receiver. Take a coat hanger and make a U shape. Stick the points of the U in both of them. Do this on both sides at the same time. That should get the lock undone. Leave the hangers in the holes. Then pull the receiver out. Unhook the wires and your done. I have given this solution if you cannot find a shop that has the proper tools. They never come out that easy. Never in the 5 years of competition U.S.A.C.i competitions have I ever heard of one coming out easy. This is the best way without the tools.

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If its the old style with round holes buy some new removal tools as if you try with worn or incorrect tools it won't come out. Don't try to make out af a coat hanger.
As you push the tools into the holes make sure you push them slightly towards the sides of the radio and you will feel them click into place. Then pull them slightly apart as you try to remove the radio. This is quite common for these radios. If it really won't move don't force it get someone who knows what they are doing (a dealer or car radio fitter) to do this or you may damage the retaining clips then you're in trouble.
If its the new type with the flat slots you really need to get someone to do this as they are really difficult to get out and really easy to damage

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Ask a local druggie or boy racer, they will have it out in seconds.

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i agree with steve d i have replaced several radios and you need the tools he mentioned and using anything else will damage the radio and possibly the dash

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use radio prongs you can get them at halfords push the radio back in with the prongs to relese it then pull the radio out it ought to just slide right out
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