All speakers stopped working?

Last night I was driving along and went over a bump. There was a little noise and all my speakers stopped working. The head unit is still working fine, but no sound comes from any of the speakers. There is a slight crackle noise from the speakers when I attach the face...

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What could be the problem?


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Most likely a shorted speaker wire. If any of the speaker wires are shorted to ground, it will kill the sound to all speakers as the head unit's amplifier shuts down to protect itself.

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The easiest way to troubleshoot is with an ohmmeter or continuity tester. Disconnect your head unit, then check each speaker wire's resistance to ground. If you find continuity to ground on any speaker wire, look for a pinch in the wire at the head unit, and inspect the connections at the speaker itself (especially if the speakers are after-market replacements). A terminal connection coming loose from a speaker and touching metal in the door would cause your problem.

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sounds like a wire got knocked loose.
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