Been wiring automotive stereo for years but this one scares me!?

I have a 97 intrepid with the infinity stereo and stumbled on to a sub woofer and crossfire amp. Thought I would slap it in but I am seeing some crap about the infinity amplifier and also remember that chrysler has a strange speaker output. Cant remem what was different but does anyone have any sperience with this?


Car- Mp3 player - connectivity! what are my options?

Infinity systems in Chrysler are very easy to work with; nothing at all like many Bose systems. If you're adding an amplifier, you can tap your line-out converter or high-level inputs right into the wires at the rear speakers, or you can tap them at the wires behind the radio; either will work fine. The green/red wire at the end of the black plug in the factory harness will work perfectly as an amplifier turn-on connection. Don't let the Infinity system scare you in this car.

I need an idiot proof guide to wiring an amp and 2 subwoofers in a car. I have an Isuzu Rodeo if this helps.?

yea good luck i tried once before with infinity they really dont want anyone touching those thing same with bose i just rip them out now
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