What will be a good alternator? and what good brands are out there?

Ok so i have not so much of a big system I have a Pioneer DEH-P4900iB CD receiver with MP3/WMA/AAC playback, a pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 3 12" 4-ohm subwoofers with a Kenwood KAC-X812D amplifier.
All this on my 2001Ford F-150 extended cab...ok Not trying to show up, but i guess you need this kind of information to give me a good hint on what I might need!! So my head lights get dim every time my subs hit the bass, and from what I have Read on some other post's here I might need an alternator, but can someone tell me what should I be looking for? when it comes to a brand or the voltage of it?? I don't know anything regarding this subject, so can someone please help me!

What can i get to be able to listen to an ipod or itunes in my car?

Thanks in advance!


Does a 2006/7 dodge ram 1500 stereo head unit have rca aux inputs on the back of the unit?

First thing is first (and the cheapest) you need to do the "Big 3" in all 1/0 awg wire.

Is the cap good enough? for my system?

If you are not familair with this it is simply adding bigger wire for your factory power and ground wires www.the12volt.com has a good sticky about it.

Amplifier install basics?

If thats not good enough then yes you need to look at a bigger alternator. A cap or a battery will not help you if you don't have the charging system to back them up. I am not sure how big yours is now but 120 amp will be enough for your truck and the stereo system

What I need to put in a subwoofer?

Good Luck!

Is it possible to install a Subwoofer with a stock radio?

I think I'd go with duralast. Ive had pretty good experiences with them

? which amp would be better to run my 2 12" diamond subs 800rms/1600watts?

You should have your alternator rebuilt but have a high amperage regulator installed it is not the voltage being affected
by your amp, but it is the amperage that the alternator is putting out

Does a alero 2003 have audio connection to hook my amp wires to?

im guessing you need to install a capacitor.

I got a crossfire vr1000 going to 1, 4 ohm 12" diamond d9 how many rms is the amp?

First off, DON'T get a capacitor. They are good for some things, but many many people don't really understand what they are for. They really are not there to help voltage problems. As for the alternator, you could build it up, that would help. Depending on where you live and where you go, it may be cheaper to change it out. The previously recommended one is good. If you ever plan on adding more though, I would suggest going for the alternator that Stinger puts out. They have it in a single and double drum. The nice thing about it is that in normal alternators, gas must be given to the vehicle in order for them to charge. The Stinger alternator can charge while you are sitting idle. Before I got one my lights were dimming and I had a huge drop in power. Now everything is good.

I want to install a 4 pack of 6x9's in my blazer, with a 4 channel amp.?

upgrading your alternator is always a good idea I would recommend the stinger alternators , but in your case I would recommend adding the kinetik HC800 power cell this should fix the problem , I would also recommend a battery isolator as well.
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