Best sound system for my car?

I am buying a Swift Vxi next week and have to decide on the sound system. I'm a green horn about sound systems and heard that Sony is good.
Any recommendation and what are the different components involved in a car system?
Thanks in advance


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I am getting a swift this weekend too and i was out window shopping for the audio system. i found the followings to my taste. they are great picks with almost the same quality.
Blaupunkt Memphis MP66: 25K has a TTFT screen
Blaupunkt St Louis MP56: 16K its damn ugly
Pioneer 7950BU: 11K Gray Market so no warranty
I have selected the Pioneer for the additional features it has and its looks. i also got a test drive of it with JBL 6.5" composite speakers in front and a 100 RMS Infinity in the rear. it sounds perfect and needs no amp at all. for sure there are much better configurations out there but i am banking my 25K on the same config.

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tonga horn

Can you hook up 4 6 1/2 pioneers to a 2 channel amp and get a good sound?

Get a Bose system, very expensive, but absolutely awesome.

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Soni is good

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blaupaunkt or sony

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You are right by buying Sony or u can also buy Bose which is the best.

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you should get MTX or Alpine or JBL audio for cars ;) goodluck.. you have a wide range...but a bit expensive... in advance you could also put tweeters..mid rangers...woofers...and important..a crossover for very good quality of dude

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Buy Sony ystem and Blaupunkt speakers

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Ok im going to assume that price is not an issue, since it is a general question. I have a JL audio 10"W7 w/500x1 amp (ported box), VR series coaxial component system w/300/4 amp, 8 gauge wires (will not take ne thing less), an eclipse headunit with built in preset equalizer and 16 band adjustable equalizer at 60x4 watt (i think, in afghanistan so i cant remember), optima red top battery in trunk (definitely needed) and all JL audio wiring-ran about $3500-after custom false floor was put in-oh and dynamat-ok i tell you what, i swear as God a my witness i have gone to car shoes and beat out guys with 3xJBL 15" (not sure on series), 3xMTX 10" subs, etc. I want to get another, but my back window has already cracked once, with the voume only set half way, the base set half way and the amp set a quarter of the way. So, in sort, JL audio, memphis, or rockfort fosgates are the way to go. I prefer JL myself, as u can tell.

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i think money is not a problem so must but the new bose system
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