What is the BEST in dash DVD/GPS system?

I have heard that Eclipse AVN7000 is one of the best... I just want to know the BEST DVD/GPS one made, price does not make a difference. Thanks !


I need help with my system!!!?

i would go with the Pioneer Z1. it has a ton more features then the eclipse. however, the eclipse is a great unit.

Sound system for 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

Well, if you want internal memory, you can get Alpine, Pioneer, and Eclipse. If you want a disc set map, you can get Pioneer, Eclipse, and Kenwood. Me, I'd take the Eclipse (so much hype about them) But Alpine is VERY, VERY nice, but extremely pricey with NAVI. I have the AVIC-N2 in my mom's car, it works just fine. But Alpine and Eclipse always have updated maps so I'd trust them more. But remember, they are pricey as heck!
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