$400 to start on my Lancer's sound system?

Getting an 03 Mitsubishi Lancer and Im going to have about $400 give or take to spend. It has a cd player and the stock speakers don't sound horrible, but they don't sound great. I was thinking about getting an ipod ready head unit and 2pair rockford T162c speakers, or trying to get a set of rockford 12" p3 subs off ebay, but the subs and the amp would be cutting it close i think. What would be better, ill get them both eventually anyway.


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On my opinion, i think you should get a subwoofer system first.
But that will probably cost you more than $400 for a whole good one.

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If your budget is $400 you should just go ahead and upgrade the speakers and head unit first.

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Save your money up to get yourself a really good subwoofer system later. This way you wont waste money and realize that you will have to upgrade again later on.

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Just do it right the first time and everyones happy.

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$400 can feed a lot of hungrey black kids in africa.

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go to onlinecarstereo.com if your stuck on getting rf but if not checkout the packages at caraudiodeals.com they have a amp,2 subs,box and wire kit for under $300

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well buddy im selling a kendwood flipface cd player and 2 2,000 watts 12inch subs in boxs.and a 8000watt amp like new all works like new too. make an offer
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