A question about gauges and amp?

i have a 1200 max wattage amp. 600 rms. I have a 8 gauge wire. It says i will need 4 gauge. But, i have two jl audio subs running 125 each rms. So i will turn everythiing down on the amp and on my head unit. So do you think ill still need 4 gauge or can i stick with the 8??


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i'd go with 4 gauge just to be safe. you dont want to starve your amp of power. if you were running your amp at 300 watts, like the rms of the subs, then you'd be fine with 8. but sinse your running your subs 2x the rms, your gonna need to upgrade to 4.

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in my personal experience you can stick with the 8 guage but you wont get the full power out your amp

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do the 4 gauge and get it at caraudiodeals.com whole kit $25
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