Which speaker system would be better for my car Bose or Infiniti?


How do iget more thump out of my kicker speakers?

Bose because it is a professional company on speaker and infiniti is not. Bose has very good sound I know because I have Bose sound system with 13 speakers on my Porsche. I would preffer Harman/Kardon if you can get it.

What would sound better a alpine type x ten inch versus a premier spl 2000 12 inch overall?

Bose, hands down

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Bose car audio systems are not available to purchase separately; they are only available as an option on some models. Infinity does make after-market car audio speakers; they also produce upgrade sound systems as an option in some vehicle models, but the vehicles available with Infinity systems are not available with Bose, and vice versa. In other words, you can't choose between the two without choosing between two car models.

What is the best deck, subs, and amp for a car?

Only advice I can give you. For any speaker, I'd suggest listening to them at your local store. This way instead of a name brand, you can select the right sound that is for you. In my past experience with installs, I've found that people would come into the shop and ask for a particular name brand, but after they see the cost, request to see something similar. After they hear a few different types of speakers, they usually pick the one that sounds best to them. They are the one's who spend most of the time in the vehicle and have to put up with the sound. So always trust your ears cause everyone has different tastes on what they listen to. I personally started with Rockford for mid's and highs, but after listening to some Infinity's and some polk titanium tweeters have settled for that. That's what sounds best in my truck for what I listen to. Good luck in your selection.

Question on amp?

are you kidding me? bose? come on. first of all there stock speakers. and most stock speakers suck. even 13 in a porsche. bose is one of the few company that advertises in comercials and then jacks the price up so people think there better then they are. ask any audiofile, bose blows.

Isnt it possible to take altec lansing surround sound computer speakers (sub and 5 speakers) and put into car?

infintiy isnt bad, if you stick to there Kappa seriers. there sound better, and go a lot lower then the bose will. also if you like SQ like Bose claims to be, and Infinity is, then you might want to check out these brands as well.

Does anyone know if tc sounds are any good in their subwoofer lineup they seem pretty cheap in there website?

Boston Acoustics
Diamond Audio
Kenwood Excelon
MB Quart.

Car audio amp question?

have a listen to this stuff, then listen to bose, and you'll laugh at your own question.
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