For a 600 watt woofer, what watt of amp do I need. I am trying to achieve good bass not professional quality?

Pioneer woofers.


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depend on amplifyer 600 watts is good for a pretty good size building

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General rule of thumb is to match RMS ratings for sub and amp. I'm guessing if your sub is 600 watts max, then it's continuos (RMS) rating is some where between 250-300 watts.

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Go with a monochannel amp that puts out about 250-300 watts RMS.

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You don't want to go bigger because you risk blowing your sub when you turn it up and you don't want to go smaller because you'll start to crackle in heavy notes from your amp being maxed out and your subs being under powered.

Rockford Fosgate T2 15" subwoofer or Kicker Solo Baric L7 15" subwoofer?

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No offense, but chances are, they won't handle a true 600, whether it be RMS or peak. Pioneer is one of the many brands known for overrating their products unless you get into their higher line (Premier). For the money, go to your local car audio dealer and ask for a Memphis 75.1. They typically run about $99, and of course have a built-in X-over. My good friend runs a 75.1 on a Memphis 12" in a bandpass box in his Durango, and it's mind-rattling.

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I have a 600watt subwoofter in my car as well. It is bridged on a 540watt 2channel amp and sounds heaps bassy... i did have 200watt 6x9 speakers running off the head deck by itself but i updated to 450watt 6x9 to run off the amp.
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