2 Kicker 05C158 15 inch Component Subwoofer, 8 Ohms?

are these subs better than 2 JL W1s? how much power should i run to the kickers if i did get them?what type of amp do u recommend?


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That is two 15 inch low freqency subwoofers in the inaudible hearing range, I rec any amp kicking out at least 1,000 watts RMS or more

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with 4 ohm speakers you could double the amp wattage

Speaker question?

Dont get these. get the next step up... kicker CVR. i'm not sure about the specs of the 15, but i know that for the 12, one cvr can put out more power than 2 12 inch comps together. they have a better freq. range too

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I have two of the old model kicker c15a 8ohm 15's. I swear by them... have had them in three different cars. i run them in parallel to make 4 ohms. i have always run them on an alpine mrv-1000 V12 amp. Quite a vintage one now but very powerful... rated to 200rms and 600 peak watts at 4ohms. I recently got hold of an alpine mrv-1505. I got it cheap from cash convertors (like $270aus) this thing pumps 600Watts rms @12V and 900rms @14.4V. the reason i have high power amps is so they do not have to work too hard to pump hard all day. And alpine also have very good dynamic headroom. This is the ability to go from zero power to high power instantaneously. I have tried other amps rated at around 500Watts rms, and sometimes the difference in bass punch is noticeable to the ear. even my mates pick it. Alpines are also built rugged and i have several that i have continuosly used for around 8 years, They also have multi mode capability. This is the ability to run stereo as well as bridged at the same time. So one of my two channel mervs will run both subs bridged as well as stereo channels at the same time. But you will need a low pass filter or induction coil for the subs. This cuts out the high frequency to the subs in the speaker line. These coils are quite inexpensive, but sometimes difficult to source.

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If your real keen, the new digital alpines are awesome.. but quite expensive. and super high power.

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