I need 4 sub and 2 amp don't matter the cost...?

and all the accessories that i will need(box,cap,wire and so on) i want tons of bass,i want to crack my window


Whats the difference between a carputer and a pc?

Anything over 1000 watts RMS and you'll also need to upgrade your alternator and do the "Big 3", that is replace the power wires going between the battery and alternator and the ground strap with heavy gauge wire as well as replace your battery with a heavy duty deep cycle.

I Need to Know How To Hookup A Car Video System?

Don't fall into the"get a second battery" hype as this will rob the electrical system for power that could otherwise go to the audio system.

What does navigation mean?

You also will need the room for four subs and their enclosures as the typical enclosure will consume 1 - 3 cu.ft. each depending on if you go with sealed or ported. That's 4 -12 cu.ft!!!

Are Alpine Type "R" SWR-1542D 15" an good?

Go to your local pro audio shop and talk with them.

Torn subwoffer?

See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...

Is The Amp Good?

All of these amp brands are CEA-2006 compliant:

Why does one of my car speakers turn off when i go over a speedbump?

Infinity Reference
Rockford Fosgate

If you put a remote car starter in can it come back out if you purchase a different car?


Can a sub enclosure be made out of tempered glass 15mm thick? Will the glass affect sound quality?

Rockford Fosgate

Why do my front speakers start working at times, Ive checked my connections.?


Speaker Connection Question?

if the money is not important try some of the best

How to replace 1999 silverado factory stereo?

amp like audison and subs like hertz, focal, jl, rainbow
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