What does a bass cap do? Do I need one?

I am getting a 750.1ZX(750 watt RMS) kicker amp and wiring it for a 2 ohm load to a 12 inch L7 solobaric 4ohm dual voice coiled sub. If I need a Bass power capasitor, how do i wire it?


Whats the difference between coaxial and component speakers?

Ditto Andrew

What size amp do you reconmend for two 12" 750watt subwoofers?

If your alternator is 75 amperes or higher, your fine. Upgrading the "Big 3" (power wires to and from the alternator and the ground strap), will greatly help.

What is the best cd deck?

All a capacitor does is store electricity and release it when demanded upon. The amount they store is dependent on the source. If you put 12 volts in, you get 12 volts out.

Does anyone know where i can get my speakers hooked up in my car for cheap, in san diego?

Unlike a battery that creates voltage by a chemical reaction, capacitors only hold a charge.

I have a JL Audio e1400d class d amp and it works fine EXCEPT it puts out very little sound.?

WARNING: Be very careful with large electrolytic capacitors as they can hold lethal charges. Even at 12 volts, they can melt a small screwdriver in half if one is shorted across the terminals of a charged capacitor. This will also most likely destroy the cap as well.

Is it possible to install an aftermarket amplifier and speakers to a factory stereo. and if so how?

A capacitor must be charged just before you supply power to it once installed.

What amp should i get?

It's best to install it as close to the amp as possible. You may need to get additional power and ground wire the same size you have now. Otherwise, cut the ground and power wire leaving enough room to mount it. The overall length of the ground wire should as short as possible (18" or less if possible, not critical).

I lost my radio code , the number of body VF37BK6D833308931?

Remove the fuse at the battery. If you don't have one, you need one that is rated the same as the total fuses that are on the amp. It must be no more than 18" from the battery. This fuse is really just to protect the battery (and the car from catching fire) from shorts in the power wire, nothing else.

Does anybody have the wiring instructions for a DEI-451m..doorlock module?

Connect the ground from the chassis to the cap then to the amp.

Hi. What would be the output change from my 4ohm two channel 100 watt rms amp.?

Connect the the power wire (from fuse by the battery) to the cap then to the amp.

Adding Subwoofer to amp?

To charge the cap, get a 12v light bulb with leads. Temporarily connect the power wire from the battery to one side of the bulb (at the fuse) and connect the other side of the bulb to the wire going to the cap. The bulb will light and over a period of time (10-20 seconds) it will get dimmer. When the bulb goes out, the cap is charged. Basically, your going to put the light bulb where the fuse was.

Would a ported box or a sealed box sound better for my alpine type x 12 inch?

Now you can re-install the fuse.
IMPORTANT: Make/print a sign that states:

Car Sound Systems??

"WARNING: This vehicle employs a large electrolytic capacitor for the electrical/audio system. The capacitor holds a charge EVEN when disconnected. When changing the battery, remove this fuse. Take caution and charge the capacitor prior to replacing this fuse. SEVERE INJURY OR DAMAGE MAY RESULT IN FAILURE TO COMPLY!"

Car queries?

Have a big red arrow pointing to the fuse and one of those yellow triangles with the exclamation point in the center. Laminate this sign and place it near the fuse by the battery.

Any recommendations on what car speakers to get?

Something like this:

I get very low sound with my Pioneer 12 CD changer. What could be the problem?


More power? 2 amps together or power from one to the other?

See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...

Do u think i will need a high output alternator in my sentra 94?

If you make sure your power supply is providing the current needed for your system, there is no need for a capacitor. Instead of adding a cap, look into upgrading your alternator and wiring. Make sure your alt. to chassis ground is as large or larger than your wires going to the amplifiers. Same for the alt. to battery +.

Im looking for a car audio system that wont make my car rattle with the base?

Again, if you supply the amp with enough current, there is no need for a cap.

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If you use a cap, it is usually inline with your +/- in between the fuse block and the amp.

Do the speaker box really matter by price? for subwoofer?

Your cars alternator is only meant to run the lights, pumps, etc.. in your car, Now you want it to give power to your amplifier, which it simply cannot do on its own. By adding a capacitor or battery, you are increasing the power that is available to the amp. No more dimming headlights, and its hard on your alternator if you dont have a cap. They say you need a 1 farad cap per 1000 watts. I like a Kinetik HC600 every 1000watts

Where do I connect the REM on an amp to a Kenwood Z828 (the stock stereo in a 04 F150 Heritage STX)?

Mine as well get a battery if your gonna get a cap. Capacitors like to hold onto power instead of unloading it as opposed to say a yellow top optima battery.

Does installing subwoofers in a 2007 Aveo void the warranty?

Id look into Kinetik batteires. Their website has a calculator on it for all your questions!!

I need a website that has a wiring diagram for a 2000 pontiac sunfire?


How can I turn off the thumping from my premium sound system?

get a cap. its alot cheaper then upgrading your alternator. your not running that much power anyways so a cap would do fine.

What do you rate Hifonics amps???

I recommend a cap or hat of some type if your bass lives in a colder climate.Other then that,in the summer,a nice sun bonnet should be just fine.

Is a 1200 watt system with 2 800 watt subs, all sony xplod a pretty good one?

The idea of a "bass" capacitor is a misconception; there's no such thing. Capacitors were first introduced to help stabilize an amplifier's voltage supply for sudden, brief power demands during musical transients. If they're now associated with higher subwoofer output, that's a result of marketing, not engineering; they're useless for that purpose. They also will not prevent an alternator from being overloaded by a high-powered audio system any more than an extra battery will.
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