Becker 1432 radio in mercedes 350sdl - im about to break tihs thing- HELP ME!?

ok if anyone knows anything about this PLEASE i am begging you for help.

How can i find the RMS rating on a AMP like this one? that doesnt say how much RMS its putting out?

Ok so before I can enter my code for the radio I need to get the S/N because I dont know the code. So I took off the faceplate, pulled out the radio with flathead screwdrivers. I found the S/N on the top of the radio, I wrote it down. I slid the radio back in. I put the faceplate on but when I turn the car on and press PWR on the radio nothing happens. I think I have put the faceplate on wrong because it doesnt seem to snap in as well as it should.

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My main concern though is I left the car, locked it, went in my house. 15 minutes later or so my car alarm goes off. The lights werent on or anyting.. I figure its the radio anti-theft alarm trigger. I guess the radio is not pushed in all the way (although it does seem so because the locks are in place), and thus the car is thinking that the radio is stolen.

What is the best way to hook up two Volfenhag ZX-4712 subs to a Volfenhag ZX-8400 amp?

Only thing I can think of is to leave my car unlocked so it wont sound the alarm? this sucks!


I have a 2004 Honda Accord. Where can I find the the code to turn the radio on?

You need to take it to a dealer, the system needes to be reset and only they can do it.

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the problem is that the radio didn't go in and the face is not making contact it will be better to remove the astray and the wood of the center console where the shifter is and remove the radio again under the radio there is 2 side clips that need to go back in
once you take it all out you will see them
good luck

Need the part code for the Honda Jazz 1.4 Sport Sat Nav/Double Din Radio Bezel, or recommend for nonHonda part

hi. pull the radio back out. look at the rear lower center you will see three little prongs shapped like a u. when people pull these radios they don't see that this connector comes loose as the wires are very short and are supposed to come loose easily when it is stolen or pulled. find the connector and plug it in. check all other plugs. push the radio halfway in. now loosen the tiny flathead screw on the right side of face. now install the face left side first then gently but firmly push in the right side. look at the top lip on the radio to confirm the face lines up with it. they should align perfectly. tighten the tiny screw mentioned earlier. push the radio all the way in and complete the installation(ashtray etc depending on model. turn radio on and code should appear then put in correct code. if the word wait appears the ignition must be on for about an hour till the word code reappears then enter code. the moral is the face goes on before the radio goes in. if you are not using a proper radio removal tool get one. they are dirt cheap (about 5 bucks at mercedes or ebay) and will prevent damage to the radio. good luck
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