What is the best brand for bass speakers?

I have a dodge dynasty and I want to put a nice sound system on the trunk that could blow the girl's clothes of but i'm not sure what are the best brand for bass speakers...the ones that I think are Punch,Kicker,Sony X-plode,Audiobahn,but i'm not sure which ones are the ones that can do what I want...obiously with a big 1,600 watts amplifier...


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well the most important question is what do you want to spend? Answer that and I can get you the best of the best for your price range... And about blowing their clothes off maybe not...LOL Hey really let me know i will get you the best bang for your dollar

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Sony baby , take it from me a girl. my man has kick *** beats in his SUV and it blew my clothes off, for sure.......

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sony x-plode are not the best. and kicker is alright but i think diamond or rockford fosgates are the best they will give u alot of bass plus a good sound.

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Sony sucks, don't ever. U want kick, most clients prefer Kicker they are meant to knock and piss old people off at redlights. Then you have Rockford Fosgate...I'm more towards the Pioneer Premier. Kicker! For all that boom

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Remember, if your running alot of amps, more than 1,000 watts make sure your alternator can supply the right amount of power to it. A battery per every 1,000 watts if ur alternator is no good.

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Sounds like you need to do some research. There are alot of good brands of drivers out there. your enclosure needs quite a bit of attention as well. No you really don't need thousands of watts to produce decent SPL levels. Pay more attention to SQ and you will be alot more satisfied. Good luck.

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pretty much every brand you names sucks. go with the world record holder, go with Pioneer Premier.

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Jl audio is the best for bass delivery if you want to "feel" the bass go with 15's jlw3's. Mtx also makes a awesome sub its the mtx comp 3's make sure the box's top is plexi glass Real plexi glass its cheaper than you think. but take it from someone who had a system that hit 176 decible's

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sony subs suck.... pioneer makes good headunits and cd players, but there subs arent good either. the best subs out there are rockford, kicker, certain MTX ones, JL and alpine. Dont get off brand ones as they dont even compare, my opinion JL is the best but also the most expensive

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JL Audio is expensive,but they're top of the line,worth the money.I'd recommend the w7 series 12 inch subwoofer hooked up to a 700 or 1000 watt amp,2 channel so you can bridge it.Look up this subwoofer and possible amp combo at www.jlaudio.com

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dont get fooled by the cheap brands like sony pioneer go with JL AUDIO or KICKER those 2 brands were made for some good thumping in the trunk

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well jl audio is the best but also the most expensive. the alpine type-x's are not as expensive and they rock. i have two 12 in my trunk and they pound hard, and they are crystal clear. sony arent that great, but they are okay for the money. mtx are pretty decent and kicker is a lil over rated. so for the money i think the alpines are the best

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out of ur choices kicker all the way.. sony subs suck.. then go with rocksford..
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