A little bit of liquid air freshener might of leaked from my vent into my 6 disc CD player, what do I do?

I noticed a bit of leakage from the darn liquid air freshener in my vent today and cleaned it up. I am not sure how much might of gotten in the CD player or if it had actually gone in there at all. The CD player played all CDs already in the player but when I went to put in a new CD it didn't read it. I took the CD out and clean up the liquid from the bottom CD then put the CD back in and the player read it. I am not sure if maybe the liquid was just on the edge of the CD player and got on the bottom of the CD as it was entering but I am concerned and want to know what do to or what might happen. I took all CDs out, cleaned them and cleaned around my CD player. Any suggestions?


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Give it time... most liquid air fresheners are alcohol based, so they will dry, and usually won't cause much damage, however, if that doesn't work, then you will probably want to get a lens cleaner for it. And for final solution... have it repaired is about all you can do.

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it might not have gotten in side the player but stopped by the
cloth filter that wipes the cds as they go in
try using alcohol and a q-tip on the filter

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Yes, just let it dry out. And if you can, try not to use it while it is in the process of drying. Electronics can get wet and it won't matter, but if they are powered while wet, that is when a problem can happen.

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Go buy a cd cleaner, a disc that clean yr player and before that let the player dried up of the liquids for a few days before using it
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